Jobs for English Majors

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10 Most Popular Careers for English Majors (With Pay Scale)
Careers for English Majors and Minors (Comprehensive List)

Higher Education (Teaching College)
Requirement: Masters or PhD
Chronicle of Higher Education
("Search Community College Only" if you have a Masters)
Higher Ed Jobs
Indeed (General Job Search Engine)

Public School Teaching
Requirement: Bachelors or Masters and Teaching Certification
Teaching Opportunities (Job Bank and Certification How To)
Teach for America (Earn Certification while Teaching)

Private School Teaching
Requirement: Bachelors or Masters. Some require a teaching certification.
Carnet, Sandoe, and Associates (Placement Service)
ACE (Catholic-Earn certification and Masters while teaching)

Editorial and Publishing
Requirement: Usually Requires Bachelors Degree
Media Bistro (Look at "Industry" on the right for your desired job type)
Book Jobs
      Internships (Great for Students and Entry Level Applicants)

Writing - Freelance and Full-time
Nebraska Center For Writers(Comprehensive Database)
Sunoasis Jobs
Freelance Writing
Espresso Graphics

Federal Jobs
USA Jobs (Various English-related jobs)